Expectant Fathers

Fathers may not be the ones physically having the babies, but they are just as deserving of a leave of absence when their significant others give birth. Unfortunately, California paternity leave laws don't necessarily apply to everyone, so it's important to understand how long of a leave you can take.

Research has shown how critical it is for a father to spend as much time as possible bonding with his newborn--for himself and his family. First-time dads in particular may underestimate just how important it is for them to be a steady presence in their homes in what can be a vulnerable period for all involved. His participation is also necessary if the mother has undergone a c-section. In addition, the bonding time with the child during paternity leave is vital for both parents.

The amount of paternity leave allotted to a new dad depends on a complex web of circumstances ranging from the size of the company employing him to the number of years he has been with his employer. When notifying Human Resources of an impending birth, you'll need to be prepared to negotiate the very best terms for the timing and duration of your paternity leave--and that's where I come in.

The valuable time a father spends bonding with a child during paternity leave can often be offset by types of pay such as vacation time, sick time, and for some, pay from the state of California. I can walk you through your options so that you don't leave time or money on the table. 

Sadly, it is possible a father can find himself in a situation where he is not entitled to a paternity leave, but I can help you make sure you aren't mistakenly robbed of this precious period in your life.


Common Questions

Q: Must the time I take off be right after the baby is born?
A: Many fathers are surprised to learn that there may be options in this area. I'll work with you to design a plan that meets your needs without running afoul of your employer. 

Q: Are there scenarios when it is inadvisable to take a paternity leave?
A: This is very dependent upon your employment situation, but there are circumstances in which taking time off can impact a career. I'll help you work out all the considerations and steer you toward an appropriate course of action.

Q: I think I understand how my leave will work: Do you think it's still worth it to set up an appointment?
A: Yes. Even if I only confirm what you already know, at least you will have an expert making sure that nothing slips through the cracks. A consultation is a lot less expensive than potentially losing out on time or money. And you may still learn something new or clarify any remaining questions.

Contact me to create a strategy suited to your specific needs.

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