New Mothers

No matter how much planning is done during your pregnancy, as a new mom you can never be entirely prepared for all the unexpected life changes that will alter your maternity leave and return-to-work plans. Not to mention that maternity leave in California can be very complicated.


Among the circumstances that may require a re-evaluation of the decisions you have made include the type of delivery, the date of birth, the circumstances of the post-partum period for both you and your child, just to name a few.  There are many factors that can delay your return-to-work date such as an unexpected c-section, problems with delivery, complications with mother or child, post-partum depression, nursing challenges and a host of others. 


These circumstances will require careful communication with your company.  It can be uncomfortable to convey the intricacies of your delivery to people with whom you work.  I will guide you in how to discuss these sometimes delicate matters without causing embarrassment for you or your employer, all the while maintaining your professional decorum.  That includes preparing your employer to accommodate your plans for pumping at work.


Now that your baby is in you arms you may be thinking twice about returning to work.  If this is the case, I can work with you to maximize your maternity leave.  And if you have decided that you do want to return, I can ensure you have a smooth transition back into the workplace.  Whatever your final decision may be, we will go over exactly how to communicate the news to your employer.

Common Questions

Q: How long will I receive disability from the state of California? 
A: This is dependent upon several factors related to your pregnancy, delivery and post-partum experiences.  Your doctor ultimately determines for how long you are considered disabled.

Q: What if my employer asks me to work while on leave?
A: Depending on the type of leave that you are on at the time, this may or may not be legally possible.  (Not to mention that it's best to focus on baby bonding during this time.) I will advise based upon your circumstances.

Contact me to create a strategy suited to your specific needs.

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