Pregnancy is overwhelming enough without having to worry about the ins and outs of maternity leave. Lauren helped me understand not only the laws, but the process of how to receive my benefits. I finished our call armed with the knowledge and the confidence to maximize my time before and after the birth of my child. There is no book or website that can assist as intimately as Lauren is able to, and I will be forever grateful for the help.

Jamie, Santa Monica

I thought I had an idea of how my leave would work, but I'm glad I took the advice to contact Lauren. She was very helpful, friendly, and quick to respond to all my questions during and after my pregnancy. I highly recommend Milk Your Benefits: Even if you think you are knowlegable about your maternity leave, this is a must!

Lora, Los Angeles

Milk Your Benefits was extremely helpful for me. My company...knew nothing about California maternity laws. They tried to be helpful but the California laws are quite confusing. That's when I decided to reach out to Milk Your Benefits. Lauren answered my questions and clarified what I was allowed to do. Thank you, Milk Your Benefits!

Iris, San Francisco

The information provided to me by Milk Your Benefits was absolutely invaluable... I was lost in a sea of information and Milk Your Benefits helped me to navigate the possibilities in the most beneficial way... The solutions that Lauren provided made me feel secure and knowledgeable when discussing my rights with my employer.

Kate, San Diego

I could never put a price on the time I had at home with my daughter after giving birth. Lauren spoke with my husband and I about our leaves, going through our company policies in a way that allowed me to get the most time off possible. She is worth every single penny and is just the nicest person. Since giving birth I have recommended her to four people. Do yourself a favor and contact her today--you won't be sorry.

Kristin, Los Angeles

Navigating the rules surrounding maternity leave is overwhelming and confusing.  Between the government forms and my employee handbook, I was at a complete loss before I met Lauren.  She was able to incorporate my HR policies into a plan that enabled me to get the most time at home with my baby, while earning as much money as possible. Thank you, Lauren, for allowing me to enjoy the last few months of my pregnancy instead of worrying about my maternity leave.

Elizabeth, Los Angeles

Even as a Human Resources professional, I needed help sorting through the myriad of policies and laws and how they applied to my individual situation. HR folks like me are pulled in so many directions and only a select few truly understand complex leave of absence laws – particularly in California.  Lauren patiently and expertly guided me through the process allowing me to maximize my time home with my twin babies. I was legally entitled to more time off than I realized.  I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Lauren!

Marlowe, Marina del Rey

Lauren's advice helped me so much when I decided I was not going to return to my job following my maternity leave.  She let me know exactly what I was entitled to, questions I should ask my HR department, and told me how and when I should tell my employer. In the end it all worked out great. I maximized my benefits and left my employer on good terms. It was well worth the money!

Libby, San Diego

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