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When planning a maternity leave in California, it can be difficult to determine how long you can be out and how to maximize your income during that time. Sometimes the answers HR provides are inaccurate, as is the free information found on the internet. Even for people working for the same employer, the answers can be different. If given inaccurate information, you risk leaving income or precious time-off with your newborn on the table. Whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, you deserve to know the truth. The Milk Your Benefits service makes sure you don't return to work before absolutely necessary.

Client consultations are done by phone throughout the State of California

California new parent laws are uniquely generous but also challenging to implement with employer policies, especially when HR themselves are unclear on the particulars. Milk Your Benefits combs through your maternity leave benefit policies to make sure that nothing is missed. A consultation will help you understand how to maximize the leave(s) you're eligible for, how much of that time will be paid, and how those conclusions were drawn.

There is no need to pay exorbitant attorney fees

For one reasonable flat fee, I will review your benefits information ahead of the consultation. Every factor will be taken into account, including whether or not you want to return to work after your maternity leave. The goal of the Milk Your Benefits service is for you to enjoy every possible moment with your newborn baby.

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Milk Your Benefits was launched in 2011 to meet the overwhelming need for advocacy of expectant parents in the state of California. Lauren Wallenstein is a Human Resources consultant and mother based in Los Angeles. With years of corporate benefits and employee relations experience, she crafts leave plans that are tailor-made for each client.

Milk Your Benefits helps expectant

California parents maximize their maternity leaves

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