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2/8/2017 ***** 5 star review

Hannah M., Los Angeles

I used Lauren's consulting assistance in 2015 when I was pregnant with my first child.  

I am from Canada so the maternity benefits here in the US were very confusing to me regarding how much time I was allowed off with job protection and how much of that was paid. Also, I am here on a work visa so I wanted to make sure that I didn't mess anything up with my immigration.

Lauren was absolutely wonderful! After talking to her I felt that I had all my ducks in a row and everything went so smooth for my entire maternity leave.

Huge stress off my mind and I would 100% recommend her even if you think you have it all figured out - so nice to have everything confirmed!!

"How much maternity leave can I take without risking my job?"

"How long is paid maternity leave in California and am I eligible for it?"

"How do I know if what I'm being told by HR and online sources is accurate?"

The answers to the questions above can be complicated because they're often different for each person, even within the same company. If the information you're given isn't accurate, you could be leaving precious time off or income on the table. Whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, you deserve to know the truth. The Milk Your Benefits service makes sure you don't return to work before absolutely necessary.

Milk Your Benefits was launched in 2011 to meet the overwhelming need for advocacy of expectant parents in the state of California. Lauren Wallenstein is an expert in the area of maternity and paternity leave who ensures that you'll able to enjoy every possible moment with your newborn baby, even if you decide not to return to work

Client consultations are done by phone throughout the State of California

Pregnancy leave laws in California are uniquely generous but also challenging to implement with employer policies, especially when HR themselves are unclear on the particulars. Fathers and partners also face challenges getting clear answers to their paid parental leave questions. Milk Your Benefits combs through your maternity benefit policies to make sure that nothing is missed. A consultation will help you understand how to maximize the leave(s) you're eligible for, how much of that time will be paid, and how those conclusions were drawn.

Don't run the risk of leaving time off or income on the table:

The free advice you're seeing online is likely inaccurate!

  • I have enabled thousands of expectant parents to stay out on leave for as long as possible without forfeiting hidden sources of income
  • I'll craft a personalized, tailor-made leave estimate of how long you can be on leave and how much of that time can be paid
  • I have a reasonable, flat fee: There's no need to pay exorbitant attorney fees
  • Simply describe your goals and provide the necessary benefit information for me to review ahead of the consultation
  • I offer daytime, weekday appointments and also evening or weekend times for a small additional fee

 Maximize your paid maternity leave in California today!

About Lauren Wallenstein 
Lauren Wallenstein is a Human Resources consultant and mother based in Los Angeles. With years of corporate benefits and employee relations experience at companies such as Teleflora and TiVo, she crafts leave plans that are tailor-made for each client. Simply describe your goals and provide the necessary benefit information for her to review ahead of the consultation.

​As of February 2017, I am no longer teaching classes at The Pump Station. Classes of the same or similar name and all instructors are not affiliated in any way with Milk Your Benefits.

new mom with new baby on maternity leave

4/4/2017 ***** 5 star review

Augisha T., Manhattan Beach

I just had my consultation with Lauren today and it was worth every penny.

She is great to speak with, very helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly. It's really beneficial to send her all of your documents well before the call so she has enough time to digest it all.

If I had not used Milk Your Benefits, I would of literally left much needed time and money off the table that I could use with my newborn instead.

Maternity leave can be tricky and there is a ton of information out there, if you are struggling at all with deciphering what is right for you and your family, don't hesitate to book MYB it will relieve you from so much stress. Thank you Lauren!

Milk Your Benefits helps expectant parents 
maximize their paid maternity and paternity leaves

in the State of California