Milk Your Benefits consults with expectant parents 
who want to maximize their paid maternity and paternity leaves

in the State of California


How much maternity leave can I take without risking my job? How long is paid maternity/paternity leave in California and am I eligible for it? How do I know if what I'm being told is accurate? These are tough questions that always have different answers, even for two people at the same company.

Whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, you deserve the personalized attention that Lauren Wallenstein, founder of Milk Your Benefits, provides.

Pregnancy leave laws in California are extremely generous but also challenging to implement together with employer policies. Fathers and partners interested in taking parental leave also face difficulty getting straight answers about their rights. Too often Human Resources simply hands employees a pile of paperwork and doesn't explain the nuances of the leave benefits to which you are entitled. And if guidance is provided, it's often hard to understand or incorrect. Don't run the risk of leaving time off or income on the table. 

Allow me to ensure that you are able to enjoy every possible moment with your newborn, even if you decide not to return to work.
​ Since 2011, I have enabled thousands of expectant parents to stay out for as long as possible and not miss out on hidden sources of income. The Milk Your Benefits service provides clients with a personalized leave projection leaving nothing to chance. There is no need to pay exorbitant attorney fees when this information can be easily explained and understood by non-attorneys. Contact me today to learn about my reasonable fee and for more details.

​About Lauren Wallenstein 

Lauren Wallenstein is a Human Resources consultant and mother. With years of corporate benefits and employee relations experience at companies such as Teleflora and TiVo, she crafts leave plans that are tailor-made for each client. Simply describe your goals and provide the necessary benefit information for her to review ahead of the consultation. Wallenstein consults by phone with clients throughout the state of California.

As of February 2017, I am no longer teaching classes at The Pump Station. Classes of the same or similar name and all instructors are not affiliated in any way with Milk Your Benefits.