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Stay in compliance when advising employees about maternity

and paternity leave in California - don't put yourself or your company at risk

Many pregnant employees are have difficulty understanding the basics of their maternity leave and how to integrate the myriad benefits. Fathers and partners interested in taking parental leave also face challenges getting accurate answers about their rights. Too often, overburdened Human Resources representatives hand over a pile of paperwork and don't explain anything leaving employees feeling lost. And if guidance is provided, it's often hard to understand or incorrect.

Discover how an HR consultant can help you retain employees

  • By offering employees the services of a parental leave expert, you guarantee that they know their rights
  • This program offers the exact same personalized leave plan that individual clients receive
  • Employers pay an annual fee based upon population size in California
  • Since this is an employer-sponsored benefit, employees will not feel that their company is withholding valuable information or doesn't support a generous leave
  • Help your staff reduce stress and enable them to maintain a healthy work/life balance, especially during pregnancy
  • Providing this benefit shows how the company cares about its employees before, during and after the leave
  • The cost of rehiring and retraining new staff is much higher than the fee for the Milk Your Benefits service

Parental Leave Consultant for Employers

When applying for family leave, employees have tough questions that always have different answers, even for two people at the same company: 

  • How much maternity leave can I take without risking my job?
  • What kind of maternity benefits do you offer?
  • Can I get paternity leave, partner, same-sex couple, adoptive parent and other non-parent leave?
  • How long is paid parental leave in California?
  • Am I eligible for it? 
  • How do I get paid?